A new Vimond.com


We are delighted to announce the new version of Vimond.com, designed in partnership with Bergen based web design firm, Guilty.no and Bergen based inbound marketing consultancy, Kalibrert.no.

The overall project owner and “keeper of the brand” is Cecilie Nonaas, head of UX and our Innovation Lab at Vimond.  Christian Leon Christensen, Senior UX Designer, and I served as her lieutenant task masters.

We have opted for a slimmed down version of the website, but with a focus on weekly refreshed content from hereon, and we shall hold ourselves to that goal, you have our promise.

Going forward you can expect:

  • 2 new blog posts per week
  • 2 new podcasts per month
  • Regular video snippets
  • 1 customer profile per month
  • 1 whitepaper every two months
  • 1 newsletter per month

We of course will also be regularly making significant improvements to the website itself, beyond the above.

In our next version release - slated in two months -, we will make available all of our relevant product, API and general support documentation, currently available internally and to customers on read.me.  This is meant to be a treasure trove for those who want to just cut to the chase, find technical documentation and get their questions answered. It is also in the spirit of radical transparency at Vimond.

We welcome your feedback on Vimond.com.