Being a Trainee in Vimond

Vimonders Per-Øystein Zachariassen (left) and Matteo Remo Luzzi (right) Photo by Anna Isabella Sveinsson, Silvereye Pictures

Coming fresh out of the university I was excited about getting a trainee developer position in Vimond. I was finally going to use my education in a professional setting. At the same time I didn’t really know what to expect - or rather what was expected of me. I knew I had a lot to learn coming straight from school. Still, I wanted to show this group of excellent people that I had something to offer. Here are some of my experiences during my first year in Vimond.

The first thing that struck me was the unique culture in Vimond. Being introduced to the company, I quickly learned how one of the important values was to «work as a team, act as a family». When my colleagues referred to the rest of the company they would often refer to them as the «Vimond family». Before I even started the job I received an email from Kine, our Director of Operations, who welcomed me on behalf of the entire Vimond team. She sent me a video they had made about how excited they were to meet me. The video contained hand crafted posters with my name, cute geeky references and lots of warm faces welcoming me with their smiles and corny movements. I loved it! From that moment I knew without a doubt that I would enjoy working with this lovely bunch of people.

During my first period here I naturally had a lot of questions about the platform we’re building as well as general development principles. I was happy to learn that these people were just as talented as they were welcoming. The extent of their knowledge was both astonishing and challenging to me. Of course it became my goal that I would be as full of knowledge as the rest of the company, but how did they acquire it? After working side by side with my colleagues for a while the answer became clear: it was curiosity. My colleagues were all curious about the technology they used and developed. They were eager to know how it worked and what it could do. Knowledge was actively pursued because they had questions they wanted answers to.

After a while, asking questions became harder for me. I started thinking it was time I managed without the assistance of my colleagues. I also knew they had a lot of work to do and I didn’t want to disturb them too much. Being self sustained as a developer had become a goal for me. However, these thoughts resulted in me spending three hours debugging a strange error only to realize it took my colleague no more than three minutes to explain the entire problem. After all, he’d seen it before. After repeating this a few times it occurred to me that I wasn’t expected to work as if I had ten years of experience. In fact, the main thing they expected of me was that I shared their curiosity for the technology we’re using and developing. I was actually expected to ask questions in order for me to learn, and so I did.

Now I have been here close to a year. I have learned almost as much as I did during three years in the university, I have made wonderful friends, I have had fun, I have been challenged and I have grown. But more importantly, me and my curious mind have become a part of the Vimond family and we are ready to welcome new members.


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