Cloud-based Video Editing and its Advantages

Paul Macklin


Vimond IO is a cloud native frame accurate highlights and video editing solution.

By Paul Macklin 

It has been in production for four years, one year in the current incarnation that includes the non linear editor.

With a global customer base ranging from an OTT Sports Platform & OTT Entertainment Platforms to Traditional Broadcasters it is enabling customers to move to the cloud while addressing a customer base with a diverse skill set.

IO has evolved from an RTMP/HLS live clipping tool designed for the Sochi Olympics - called “Vimond Highlights” - to the professional broadcast editing solution it is today.

Vimond IO continues to develop with all customers reaping the benefits of new features added as part of the continuous deployment rooted in our agile product methodology.

This ability to innovate on the platform is a crucial differentiator between being a SaaS “platform” where users pay for usage, compared to the software of yesteryear that required new builds to be distributed and installed locally.

It requires a change in mindset for the broadcasters that are typically guardians over the media domain, ensuring all upgrades pass through a slow and costly change control process. Essential perhaps for core and critical systems, but also the necessary evil to balance the large steps taken from one version of software to the next.

With a SaaS platform the change control process in each organisation is removed from the equation, a change to the platform is incremental and only add’s not taking away. The systems should be non-critical and the updates will always be put through dev and staging environments before seeing production.

For Vimond IO users, this means that customers that signed up at the start of April and began using the editor had the ability to use our Graphics importer in mid-April in time for NAB.

They then saw improvements to the IO Live interface with a loading screen, feed status and ability to remove feeds in May and in June the ability to Pan and Scan in alternative-to-source aspect ratios.

In the past this would have required customers to update all new seats running locally installed software.

For Vimond this means we have a customer base running contiguous versions across all regions globally. This dramatically reduces the time spent on internal account management, time spent on patching and supporting older versions, documenting them and managing an ever increasing customer base.

Therefore we reduce our own costs and focus our efforts on improving the product and do not need to pass on the cost of support to the customer.

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