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Employees within companies around the world are now doing remote work as a policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The current event has forced organizations to think differently about how they operate.
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Working from home can be challenging. For many of us, our day to day life has drastically changed the past weeks. In common for all of us is that we are social distancing in solidarity with each other to manage the current situation. 

Being a technology company offering SaaS solutions we are able to contribute with cloud-based solutions meant for remote working. Working remotely is the best way to reduce the risk of the transmission rate. For news editors, publishers, and content creators who need on-premise tools to fulfill their duties this can cause challenges on how to efficiently manage their duties from home. 

Therefore we are now offering our cloud-based video editing tool, Vimond IO, at reduced rates to new customers to help with remote work challenges. 

Using VPN services to face the challenge of remote working?

As a consequence of current events, several companies have been forced to turn around quickly which has led to the emergency adoption of remote workflows in order to operate efficiently.

We see organizations being on top of remote work by using VPN services to get access to video editing systems, even though latency and speed of editing seem to be a common challenge over VPN.

There are certain limitations when using a VPN connection. When the system eventually crashes, needs a reboot or monthly maintenance, a technician needs to be on-site to fix this issue. This is not always possible and can make easily avoidable problems cause big frustrations.

When a VPN connection is required to connect your remote users, it may not scale to large numbers of simultaneous connections. As the connections increase so does the load and the latency, and at some point, it’s simply not possible to let everyone connect.    

That's why Vimond is now offering an alternative to the use of VPN for news editors, at strongly reduced rates. With IO editors can now move fast by being able to edit from anywhere, together in a user-friendly interface with all the required toolsets to create the perfect story. 

Using Vimond IO allows editors to easily gather, share, and edit content from home, without having to worry about latency or the load on the servers. 

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