Christy Tanner about CBS News Digital — a live news service

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Christy Tanner for a podcast session — she was in NY and I was in Bergen.

By Kelly Moulton

In late 2014, CBSN was launched as a digital live streaming service “a gamble”, for free news 24/7.

In this podcast we talk about the state of CBS News Digital today — 400m streams in 2018, for example. The median viewer age is 37.

News Omnivores and Savvy Streamers, primarily, according to Nielsen.

“We are still the only player that is truly a live service where you can reliably find breaking news from a trusted brand such as CBS News. And that´s a big distinction in this news marketplace right now.” says Tanner.

News is polarized today.

But, according to Tanner, there´s a “huge huge underserved middle” and “we are driving an 18 wheeler down the middle right now with the weight of CBS News behind this streaming service.”

Tune in to hear more about the state of news today, the promise of addressability, the fact that there´s “no 3rd party measurement in the OTT space” and other challenges ahead.


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