Scheduling The Ultimate Fixture

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The World Cup is on! No other media event brings more people to the screens at the same time - and it lasts for a month. The dream of every football enthusiast, all over the world. The 2018 version is expected to bring more viewers to streaming OTT screens than ever before.

No room for mistakes. The audience, a very engaged and demanding one, expects a seamless experience.

We find a number of Vimond clients with this amazing “job” to bring the biggest sports event in the world to streamers in the Nordics, the Sub-Saharan continent and Australia. For some of them, Vimond Live Channel is absolutely crucial in their production workflow.

When Vimond designed Live Channel Planner (LCP), one of the goals was to minimize the number of manual operations before and during live events. In hectic situations in the minutes up to an event like a football match or a full round of football matches, it’s easy to oversee a crucial setting or leave out a field of needed information.

One starts searching for the missing piece, and suddenly this steals eyes and creative brain power from something else. The unwanted chain of events have started and are about to accelerate and spiral.

Vimond Live Channel Planner automates the scheduling process, grabs the right metadata and inserts it correctly. This easily allows you to work with multiple channels at the same time, and assists operators in the overall monitoring.

During the Winter Olympics a couple of months ago, LCP was even more useful for our clients, since so many different competitions were taken place at the same time.

In sports, no matter how well you plan, you can bet on the unexpected. The rule is that a football match never clocks in at 90 minutes - weather can interrupt or postpone many a match. Operators need the flexibility to extend the length of an event or to suddenly switch source. Either to a live source or a VOD source.

Just a couple of weeks ago a streaming record was broken when more than 10 million concurrent viewers were watching the cricket final in India - on the same service.

This coming month we’ll face a total of 64 matches to be pumped into CDNs all over the world. Counting all nations and OTT services, the net will glow. Udachi (russian for good luck) all streamers, be prepared!



About Live Channel Planner from Vimond (LCP)

LCP is Vimond's solution to running and managing a live OTT service.

Operators and editors can monitor the inbound live feeds on a streamlined timeline, including video and audio monitoring.

By combining the channels and EPG data in a master view, the Live Channel Planner is a “one stop shop” for channel planning and monitoring.

Thus editors can use imported EPGs as a basis for program creation, complete with content ingestion and scheduling.


What are the practical benefits?

Easily schedule and monitor a large number of live channels - the channel timeline view allows you to work with multiple channels at the same time.

Automation of Live-to-VOD/Catch-up through LCP's scheduler service.

Both linear live setup and event based live (sports) are well supported by the user interface.

Channels can be started, stopped and reset from the LCP UI. This simplifies the workflow by eliminating the need to log in to the backend encoding system.

Includes APIs and workflows for automatic EPG ingest in order to control the LCP scheduler.

EPG formats supported: XMLTV, “What’s On” XML format.

Ingested EPGs can be reviewed before approved for replacement.

For event channels that don’t have an EPG, programs can be created directly in the LCP UI.


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