The Birth of Vimond - Pilot Podcast Episode

Viktor Olson

Kristian Bruarøy, now CEO of Bridj, was part of the founding team of the world's first OTT service for a national broadcaster. This story begins with a small team of pioneers who started streaming clips 20 years ago at TV 2 Norway, the Norwegian broadcaster which is the birthplace of many successful media tech companies like Vizrt, Mozart, and Wolftech.

For Vimond it all started with “Frihet” or “Freedom”, the very first service powered by our platform. This is a story for those who already are acquainted with Vimond, but are eager to learn more how it all started.

About Kristian Bruarøy CEO, Bridj:

Bridj helps businesses over to the right side in the digitalization era, and especially in the streaming media industry.

“After nearly 17 years at the Norwegian broadcaster TV 2, I've decided to start on my own. Bridj is the result. I will offer advisory services and launch our own products - that's the future plan.”

Kristian Bruarøy -

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