Vimond CloseUp: The maturing OTT market

Vimond Media Solutions

Matias Høibraaten and I sat down last week to discuss what he is hearing and seeing in the marketplace. Matias is Vimond´s sales manager for Europe and as such he is often meeting with execs to discuss the burning issues of the day.



It´s a mature market now, so the issues are more sophisticated than just early adoption issues.

The main one being Consumer Choice fatigue. At first it seemed a veritable bonanza to be able to choose whatever you wanted to watch whenever you wanted to watch it - no longer are we shackled with programs being delivered to a universal audience according to a rigid, timed programming schedule! But after a while this delight was replaced with dread. Oh now, what shall we watch next? Must I search and search and read review after review to decide what to watch next?!

Matias and I discuss Consumer Choice fatigue and how to battle it with the resurgence of a linear, programmed experience within an OTT environment.

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