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I work part-time for Vimond as a sales and marketing man. Vimond is a platform that powers OTT experiences for leading brands around the world, from to

This is not a corporate story. It´s a culture story.

Helge and Glenn, cofounders and respectively CEO and CTO, have built a company that people are proud to work for.

 Sounds easy, right? Perhaps. But I find it to be the exception to the rule frankly.

So, how did they do it?

They´re both a bit nutty, particularly Helge. And corny. By nutty, I guess I mean authentic. People deeply appreciate and respond to “warts and all” leaders rather than slick, “always on” leaders. And I´ll be honest, I´ve been in meetings or group presentations or dinners where I´ve squirmed a bit because as a NY trained American I want things more rehearsed and, yes, slick. But I´m learning that nutty authenticity works.

They´ve hand picked every single person who works at Vimond. And everyone knows this and feels proud to have been chosen. And this is reinforcing. We´ve all joined companies where bitching was the norm, snide comments were the norm, grumbling was the norm, taking potshots at the Founder or top management was the norm, etc. And so that becomes the norm — bitching and moaning. But when people are proud of their workplace and their culture, they want to protect it, preserve it and weed out toxicity right away, and bitching gets turned into constructive criticism instead (I am speaking in sweeping generalities on purpose here).

Vimond is an entrepreneurial company that supports entrepreneurs. When somebody quits to start their own company, they are applauded (actually, hugged — see “corny” above).

They´ve committed to providing a cool workplace. By “cool” I mean they are moving everyone into Media City Bergen in September 2017, Bergen´s newly renovated hyper modern complex with breathtaking views — only for media companies. People place great value on the actual atmosphere in which they are working (and it´s a good thing that they´re moving because it´s a bloody sweatshop right now — I keep expecting 60 minutes to burst in and do an expose).

There is of course the mission of the company — revolutionizing TV. And that´s cool. You get to work with both leading brands and upstart entrepreneurs to launch brand new destination media properties and shows.




You get to turn old media on its head and shake out all the good stuff, discard the bad stuff and rewrite the rules of the game. You´re not selling software. You´re collaborating on a new production. You´re not specing. You´re creating.


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