This was IBC 2019

Stein Erik Sørhaug

With IBC past and follow-up in motion, we felt it was worthwhile to share a few thoughts on how we perceived the event. By all accounts it was a highly successful show for us, engaging through meetings and discussions about how we’re all reshaping the industry and the consumer video experience together.

From Vimond’s perspective this was our first IBC show away from our immediate peers in hall 14. This year for IBC we made a conscious decision to feature ourselves along with the other member companies of Media City Bergen in Hall 8.  To be central and part of a bigger story than just us.  This story is one of cooperative competition with the other Media City Bergen member companies who are working to redefine Bergen as a leading global city in media technology and forever change the media tech industry along the way.   For those that don’t know this broader notion of Bergen as a global leader for media tech is a combination of the fiercely independent entrepreneurial spirit of the west coast of Norway combined with a broader collective future vision through NCE Media and Media City Bergen.  

This technology cluster is a unique collaboration of world-leading technology, national broadcasters, regional newspapers, academia, and forward-leaning media tech companies and entrepreneurs. Through this collaboration the member companies get access to not only shared locations, but also a connected sense of collaborative vision and resources. What this means in a practical sense is that the member companies can together create broader solutions, through their own products, like the partnerships we announced with Vimond and Mediability, and their daughter companies Mjoll and 7Mountains, ahead of the show to create truly unique end-to-end propositions. Together we all become stronger than our separate parts.

Vimond also chooses to engage more deeply with our partners this year.  We realize while a critical part of the OTT workflow, the maturity and openness of our platform allows us to engage far more broadly and effectively with partners to create broader solutions.  That we serve the industry better by working together and creating joint workflows for the customers.  Specifically we spoke at the BitMovin stand about our combined distributed orchestration workflow for video.  We engaged with partners like IBM, Accedo, Applicaster, Youi. TV, Singular, Mjoll, 7Mountains, and highlighted our AI-driven automated video extraction workflow with our innovative partner Oxagile.  I’m sure there was much more too.  

We also won an award as well for “What Caught my Eye” where the good Renard Jenkins of PBS presented Vimond IO as a part in a broader panel on embracing the platform revolution.  

Overall the show like the shift of season from summer to fall carried a sense of change throughout the industry.  For media tech which has by all accounts been stagnant in growth for the better part of this decade a sense of change hangs well over.   For some this may feel ominous as a platform revolution lingers.   An overall shift to all things IP and away from heavily customized solutions and expensive custom-built on-premise hardware to scalable in the cloud SaaS & PaaS offerings.  A shift from traditional CAPEX spend on hardware to OPEX spending on flexible services.  Dynamically scalable and interoperable.    

In the end maybe we all were too busy to really go walk about and see what was really cooking elsewhere.  Our focus was speaking with our customers, prospects, channels, and partners about what we can build together for the future.  That said, we did send some scouts out to learn and study.  To get some competitive intelligence while we were there. Although we were  not very covert about it in their distinctly navy and pink Vimond t-shirts.  Maybe we’re a little too good to do that any way besides with full transparency.   

Thank you to all we spoke to at IBC 2019.  We look forward to continuing this revolution we’ve all embarked on in transforming our industry, technologies, workflows, and as a result the end consumer experience.  See you at IBC in 2020.   

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