Vimond Integrates Zixi to Provide News and Sports Creators with Required Flexibility and Speed

Vimond Media Solutions

Vimond has partnered with Zixi to provide a revolutionary cloud-based collaborative storytelling tool for broadcasters and media outlets, designed to meet the new requirements of efficient video production. Built by editors, for editors, Vimond IO’s SaaS cloud architecture provides customers with the right flexibility, low maintenance and performance they require. With Vimond IO and Zixi, customers can achieve a quick turnaround for remote productions demanded by applications such as news and sports.


Over the last decade high costs and immutable workflows have made traditional signal distribution through satellites almost obsolete for remote news gathering productions. Traditional Non-Linear Editing Systems (NLEs) are also unable to meet the needs of news and sports creators in the new media landscape, as they fail to provide the necessary flexibility, cost efficiencies, low maintenance and speed of an advanced SaaS cloud architecture.


Vimond IO can ingest content in three different ways: live capture, auto-discovery, and direct-upload. The Zixi integration provides low latency, content-aware, and network adaptive error corrected live ingest, allowing users to overcome the connectivity challenges that often occur with remote productions.


Since Vimond IO is browser-based, editors can create stories using a standard browser anywhere on almost any device, while using a familiar layout with familiar functionality and features. Editing tools are consolidated into the browser environment without the need for additional software installations. Using Vimond IO, editors can easily generate near real-time, frame accurate event highlights, including adding channel-specific branding to their videos with graphics elements such as animated lower-thirds, logos/bugs, and social media text overlays, and then publish the content straight to social media or the customer’s Content Management System (CMS) or Media Assess Manager (MAM).


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Content creators and broadcasters can benefit from Zixi’s industry leading reliability to contribute mezzanine quality live video to Vimond’s cloud using the following deployment options:

• Zixi Broadcaster Option– Customers with existing Zixi distribution workflows can deliver their live content directly to the Vimond IO AWS S3 bucket via the native HLS packager in the Zixi Broadcaster.

• Zixi Feeder Option – Customers without existing Zixi distribution workflows can deliver Zixi streams directly to the Vimond IO service using one of the many live broadcast encoders that already have Zixi builtin or by running the Zixi Feeder software side by side with their existing encoder. Zixi software integrated into the Vimond IO service can also accept other live protocols including RIST and RTMP. ENSURING RELIABILITY AND LOW BROADCAST-QUALITY AT LOW LATENCY The Zixi transport uses a combination of content-aware and network adaptive forward error correction, error recovery, congestion avoidance, bonding of multiple transmission paths and dynamic feedback to control encoder bitrate, all at a minimal latency and with the security of AES-128/256 or DTLS. With minimum overhead to physical bandwidth, this dynamic mechanism removes jitter, recovers and re-orders packets, smooths video delivery enabling the streaming of broadcastquality video over any distance, while overcoming the varying network conditions of unmanaged IP networks including the public Internet.

INCREASING PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY WHILE REDUCING OPERATIONAL COSTS Vimond customers can leverage ZEN Master, Zixi’s stream orchestration and management system to manage largescale deployments. ZEN Master provides a centralized global view of the entire Zixi Enabled Network. ZEN Master offers visual tools and analytics to configure, orchestrate, and monitor live broadcast channels and events across the Zixi Enabled Platform, and gives partners and customers enhanced control and visibility over large complex networks.


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