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Kate Murphy

Something Vimond says all the time, whether it's at trade shows or on our website, is some variation of "we were born in TV2 - Norway's largest commercial broadcaster."

The reason why that has been so repetitive in our idiolect is because it's such a fundamental part of our story. In 1997, a group of editors and journalists in TV2 saw an early opportunity to host videos online as a contingency plan to not having their broadcasting license renewed in 2002. The search to find a partner to build the product came up dry and TV2's online platform was built - although the broadcasting license was ultimately renewed. In the past two and a half decades it's evolved and, after realizing it's something others would benefit from as much as TV2 had, Vimond was created.

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Vimond is a team of about 100 people around the world dedicated to powering companies looking to share their content online - just as we've been doing since we started. We are proud of our pedigree, both as broadcasters and Norwegians. We build great products and share our partners' ambitions to tell amazing stories through video as the bedrock for online TV globally.  

 Film produced by Melanie Burford, Silvereye Pictures


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