Vimond Powers Kayo - New Mega Sports On Demand Video Service Down Under

Vimond Media Solutions

Kayo Sports in Australia chose Vimond as a key technical partner in its groundbreaking new dedicated multi-sports streaming service.

Kayo provides an astonishing breadth of sports coverage - from Cricket, NRL, AFL to European football, Formula 1, MotoGP and the best from the US, including NBA, NFL and the MLB.

In addition, Kayo also provides the end user:

SplitView — where you can watch 4 games at once on tablet, PC or TV.

Key Moments — quick access to the highlights.

No Spoilers — toggle the ‘No Spoilers’ button and Kayo hides the scores and results, giving you pre-game peace of mind (a veritable life saver for fans of overseas sports).

Built end-to-end from scratch, Kayo has been created as a separate brand from the main Foxtel business.

Vimond has specifically powered video asset management as well as a content delivery API for end devices. The re-architected Vimond content delivery API can now scale to the order of millions of concurrent users.

“This move to bring 50+ Sports live and on demand with so many unique features to an Australian audience is truly groundbreaking” says Andreas Helland, Chief Commercial Officer, Vimond. “We are truly pleased to have worked hand in hand with the Kayo Team on this exciting service and we are looking forward to developing it even further in the months and years ahead.”

Kayo CEO Julian Ogrin says: “Kayo provides a new way for Australians to experience sport, with the biggest Aussie sports and the best from overseas, plus game-changing features.

“Kayo is for people who just want sport, streamed on their terms. They want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want.

“We threw out the rulebook and built a service that gives fans exactly that: only sports streamed, a simple sign-up process, and a personalized experience.”


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