A New Vimond Think Piece

Vimond Media Solutions

We´re going to ban the phrase “white paper” henceforth from the Vimond lexicon. White paper sounds so dry and formal.

By Kelly Moulton and Kristian Bruarøy

Behold the birth of the Vimond Think Piece! We find it a bit more liberating as writers to, ahem, think in terms of a Think Piece instead of a White Paper.

This first Piece is an extenuation of interviews we performed last autumn with a number of senior OTT execs across the globe about what they considered the pressing issues in the months and years ahead.

In essence we found the “big” screen, i.e. the living room television, is very much alive and well, thank you very much. 

Download our latest Think Piece «"TV" is dead, Long Live the TV Screen» to learn more!