Vimond Whitepaper - Expert Opinion

Vimond Media Solutions

We are pleased to launch a Vimond Whitepaper today, edited by former head of TV2 Norway´s OTT service, Kristian Bruarøy.

Over the summer months, Kristian and Vimond conducted a series of interviews with leading OTT executives around the world (both Vimond customers and non Vimond customers) to ask the following big questions:

- Where do you see the largest business opportunities ahead in the on demand video market?

- What are the main obstacles in the industry today, technically as well as business wise?

- And engage in confidential wide ranging conversations to see what is at the forefront of leading execs´ minds in general.

We came away with so much learning that we´ve decided to break the whitepaper into two digestible chunks, Parts I and II. Part I - the main takeaway is that the OTT market is now officially “mature” and “the race is on.” Quality, access and the best price will count more as we move forward. Technology has to follow these trends and assist - in production, in distribution, and in monetization. The vast audiences the OTT industry now serves demand what is described as “a more broadcast attitude“ when it comes to delivery.

Download the Vimond Whitepaper - Expert Opinion - to learn more.


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