Voices in Vimond: Bente Pettersen, Chief Human Resources Officer

Kate Murphy

Bente Pettersen
Chief Human Resources Officer


What was it that initially inspired you to pursue a career in recruiting and, ultimately, Human Resources with Vimond?

I love sales, people, and being a business driver. I saw that if I can help bring Vimond people that shine then it will reflect in our products and results.

There are now three offices in Bergen, NYC and Sydney. What is Vimond doing to maintain its unique culture across the globe?
First and foremost, carefully handpicking our employees. Having the ability to choose the people we’re after, all of whom have excelled in their fields, have passion, competence, and charm, makes it very easy to feel like a family. We meet daily and travel often to discuss all the possibilities that video gives. We’re now all taking turns recording our secret happy place and sharing on our weekly all company video call!

What’s one thing you love about working at Vimond that has nothing to do with your job?

I can wear Converse at work!

Work-life balance is well known for being successful in Scandinavia. How is that reflected in Vimond globally?

We’re all people with passion and a strong sense of responsibility, so the challenge is to ensure people do not work too much, even when there is a lot to be done. Many of us have families and small kids – and come on- what life would we have if we were not able to have lots of time to do what we love with the people we love to be with. We are very clear on a good balance being important to us – right from the first interview.


Who is Vimond looking to hire next and what should people know if they want to work in Vimond?


If you’re smart, full of energy, and have a smile that can melt a stone, Vimond is the place for you. Vimond is different because of its people. Vimond is a love story.


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