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What we want: Relax with a good movie or TV-show without having to look for it. What we get: Analysis Paralysis. Looking for content to watch but shutting down due to the overwhelming ocean of choices.

Even though machine learning is getting better and better at analyzing viewing habits and making recommendations, nothing beats good old word of mouth. Don't kick off your 2020 streaming year with Analysis Paralysis, and let us save you some time. Look no further! Stay tuned every month for more recommendations from Vimond.

Don't f**k with cats.
A true-crime docuseries about an internet hunt of a cat killer. The story starts off with a person posting videos on YouTube, torturing and killing two small kittens. What might seem to be a story of cat-loving nerds trying to identify an anonymous cat killer online, then escalates to a simply unbelievable story - and it's dark.

Hitchcock famously defined suspense (as opposed to surprise) as being achieved when the audience knows something horrible or impending that the characters don’t. Chernobyl wins our vote for most trueblue old school suspenseful drama of the year last year. To watch this epic disaster unfold in the midst of paralysed bureaucracy and as families continue to go about their daily lives in ignorance is as painful to watch for its sheer horror as beautiful it is to behold for the intelligence of the film making. No need for over the top effects and shoot em up. 

Ever wondered how the technology surrounding your everyday works? Or if it's possible to live forever? This show brings up topics that impact people's lives, and as the title says - explains it. The episodes are 15-20 minutes of length which makes it easy to keep your focus! This show provides you with interesting knowledge that you might not even know you wanted! 

If you watched season one, you know what I'm talking about. Season two just launched on Netflix and is the perfect junk food show to binge. Follow the journey of Joe Goldberg, the charming yet sensitive serial killer, as he moves to Los Angeles to start a new life. What will be his next move? Watch season two to find out. 

It's hard to think of anything better than Watchmen. It's just so incredibly fresh and creative.  Police conceal their identities behind masks to protect themselves from a white supremacist terrorist organization. From the thought provoking symbolism of it (it's the police force who are living in fear) to the sheer theatrical value of the masks, dystopia fans should come flocking. 

Happy streaming!

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