What We’re Watching — February!

Each month, we highlight the streaming content Vimonders are watching to navigate you through the vast and infinite content pile. This is what we’re watching - February edition - or are about to stop watching as the case may be. 
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I just decided to try this series and I have made it through one season and I’m about to get a few episodes into season 2 and I´m starting to wonder - why bother?  I feel like I´ve seen absolutely everything before. 50 Cent brings a nice menace to it though, so maybe …

The Witcher
Hmmm.  I really, really wanted to LOVE this one.  I watched every one of course - within a week, but it felt more like munching compulsively on a box of salty popcorn rather than, say, sipping a glass of good wine.  And of course nothing like a good box of popcorn every once in a while, but sometimes you feel a bit guilty afterwards, like you just did something that wasn´t exactly “healthy” for you.  But I do look forward to season 2.

It´s been out for a while, I know. But I just went and watched Season 1 again because it´s soooo damn good. The Mad Men feel of being taken back to a time, to a distinct history.  And for me, it´s Bill Tench, not Holden Ford, who steals the show. Edmund is my favorite serial killer since Lecter.

For those in Norway - Heksejakt.
Heksejakt is incredible.  I love good Norwegian tv. Next episode, please!

For those who do not mind subtitles or speak Italian - Gomorrah.

Not for the faint of heart and quietly gripping.  The series is based on the tell-all true-life bestseller by Roberto Saviano, a journalist who now lives under police protection in the US because of threats from one of the Camorra cartels.  It´s bleak. It´s shot well. The background music works well. Suddenly I have devoured 3 seasons as if hypnotized. This one is highly recommended.

What next?
Debating between Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (why not an honest to god movie every once in a while) and Westworld, because my wife has not seen it yet.

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