Why Broadcasters Should Edit in the Cloud

How people watch TV has changed. It's not that people don't watch TV anymore, but having the freedom to choose what to watch, when to watch it, and where is in a changing environment, and has been for the last decade.
kristiane E.B Ekrheim

Technology is surrounding us everywhere. It might be in your pocket on your desk or attached to a wall. But the main trend is that people are not watching TV with the old ‘by appointment’ mindset anymore. Consumers are spending short moments in their daily lives to stay updated on news and entertainment, often through their smart phones. To keep up with the increasing demand for fresh content, broadcasters have to adapt and provide consumers with engaging video content at any given moment, anywhere, anytime.

Coming from a broadcast background, Vimond saw the need and potential of optimising the video editing and distribution workflow. New technology made it possible to change post TV production as we knew it by moving it from on premise to the cloud. Based on the demands we saw in the market our cloud video editing tool Vimond IO was made.

We tailored the tool to enable modern post broadcast production workflows in the digital age. We recognise the challenges content providers are facing and know the features they need in order to be successful and engage their end-users.

Why is the Cloud Suited for Video Post Production?

By abstracting the software from physical servers in a fixed location to the cloud, there are several benefits.

No matter where you might be located you have the same access to content as your peers. When new content is uploaded it’s available for everyone in the editing browser.

Being a cloud native video editing tool also means we don’t require customers to install any software locally, we only put the load on the local machine that we need to, through the Chrome web browser. For users this means they don’t need to invest in expensive devices that meet "recommended specifications."

Our cloud video editor can be accessed by anyone with an active account on a tenant that has an internet connection and a Chrome web browser. Content can be uploaded manually from your workstations, sub clips can be created from live streams, or we can bring in content from existing archives and media asset management systems. The editor has been designed by creatives with decades of experience in the field.

Vimond IO gives you the ability to quickly clip, edit, and publish content using a professional and familiar UI with source, sequence, and timeline views.

When publishing, you can transcode to a wide range of bitrates and aspect ratios simultaneously.

Once edited, content can be published to social media or your own CMS with one click publishing.

The tool is built to a level of quality that broadcasters can rely on.

Moving your video editing to the cloud means that you can create and publish new stories anywhere, in real time, collaboratively.

So, why not give your audience the content that they want, and save time in the process? 

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