Why We Love Podcasts

Kelly Moulton

Vimond is a media technology company. We´re a company that is focused firmly on what a consumer wants now and what she might want next year. Which is why we´re big big fans of the podcast format. 

Or in Vimond parlance: Audio on demand. 

In this day and age of quick consumption media, the podcast returns us to the values of listening to something thoughtfully over 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes — rather than 15 seconds to 1 minute (which is what my social media advisor, tells me is the MAX attention span for posting video on social). 

The podcast is perfect commuter media. 

And listening is exploding. 26% (or 73 million) of the US population listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That’s up from 17% since 2015. And those who listen to a podcast average 7 podcasts in the last week.

We started with the former head of TV2 Sumo, Kristian Bruarøy, to riff about the future of OTT over two episodes (and could have easily continued to riff for a whole season). I also had the pleasure of sitting down with Keith Mellingen, the VR director of Bergen based IT consultancy, Rainfall.no, a good partner of Vimond. Keith spends a good deal of time producing 360 videos and helped us to understand just what “VR” means, be it virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality or extended reality.

Vionlabs visited us from Stockholm, and we had a barnstorming episode about the future of content discovery — a major major issue facing consumers today. What the hell to watch??!!

And just recently our Matias Høibraaten, a talented business developer, graced us with his presence and spoke animatedly about what he is hearing from his customers today. He too declares the OTT market as being officially “mature.”

Next up will be our partners from Sixty. Stay tuned.

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